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$100,000 Auction Bid for Pamela Anderson’s Engagement Ring From Ex-Husband Rick Salomon

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• Pamela Anderson auctions her wedding ring.
• Could this be a sign that her marriage with husband is really over?

A wedding is an exchange of vows of two persons deeply in love with each other and very much willing to be together forever. It is a relationship created by two individual who are physically, emotionally and spiritually prepared to create a family of their own. Though a vow is being promised in front of the altar or in front of an official and is being witnessed by guests, not all marriage leads into a happily ever after.

Others may have a successful marriage despite of different trials and obstacles in life, but some would lead into separation. No one is to be blamed because such action is committed due to some reasons and sometimes are agreed by the couple.

The famous actress Pamela Anderson’s relationship with her husband Rick Salomon is among those marriages which failed to last.
When Pamela and her husband separated, she auctioned off her engagement ring for a charity. The ring is being placed in a starting bid of $100,000.
The engagement ring is a 3.24 carat round brilliant cut diamond of Tiffany & Co. that is surrounded by a row of smaller diamonds.

According to Pamela Anderson, all the proceeds of the engagement ring will go to her non profit charity which is The Pamela Anderson Foundation. Her foundation aims to protect human, animals and environmental rights.

The entire amount of the ring will go to her foundation and will mark the launching of a new eBay charity store of her foundation where signed books and memorabilia will be found.
Pamela wishes that the Tiffany & Co. engagement ring will give joy to someone that could get it and at the same time will be of great use as a donation.

The auction of this ring will mark the end of the relationship of Anderson and Salomon.
Pamela Anderson married the 47 year old professional poker player film producer in year 2007. The marriage of the two was annulled two months later. The pair announced that they were remarried in January 2014 and separated again in July.

The file of divorce was finalized in April but they again get into an on and off relationship. Their status at the moment remained unclear but auctioning the engagement ring speaks a lot of it. The representative of the actress was asking people to respect the privacy of Pamela and Rick’s relationship. The couple are getting into hardships with their whirlwind relationship and are keeping it private as much as they can and be respected.

Even with the ups and down of their relationship, putting the ring into an auction is up to a good intention. Pamela wished that someone would be very happy to have it and at the same time the charity for human, animals and environmental right could be funded through it.

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