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3 Convenient Reasons for Choosing an Unconventional Engagement Ring

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Choosing the perfect engagement ring is as difficult as selecting the perfect wedding ring.
Both would require a lot of considerations like current styles, sizes, and the traditional ideals in choosing the ring. You must also consider your budget as engagement rings cost a lot especially the usual ones with diamonds on them. But, the most important thing to consider, above all else, is the bride-to-be’s preference. After all, the ring is hers and she will have to wear it so might as well get her opinion before making a choice.

Surprisingly, there are brides that would rather choose to have an unconventional ring rather than the usual diamond yet boring engagement ring. Why is this so?
First reason is that with an unconventional ring, there are endless choices. Your girl may want to have something that represents her character like a sporty design or something flowery so she will be reminded about her former single and happy self.You may also choose to get a vintage ring that has a timeless feel to it. Plus, anything vintage has more character, a lot of stories to tell that would interest a girl who is a little out of the ordinary.

Another reason is that an unconventional ring is not limited by style and size. You can get it customized to your girl’s preference. A bride can be happier and a lot more satisfied with a ring that she visualized for years. She may want to incorporate a specific detail in the design, perhaps an initial, or a special shape that reminds her of something she loves. There are plenty of jewelers who can customize the engagement ring anyway you want it to look. A completely original engagement ring is more special than a generic- looking ring that you may see on a stranger’s finger.

Finally, a diamond- free ring is much more affordable. This practical reason could literally save you from spending thousands for an engagement ring. Let’s face it; a traditional engagement ring encrusted with diamonds and other precious stones sometimes costs more than what you will pay for your tux. Being practical on buying an engagement ring could mean less worries on how you would pay for the reception and other wedding stuff. You may also use the extra cash for planning an extravagant honeymoon where you can create a lot of wonderful memories rather than just have a spark of happiness after she says “YES!”

Some girls do not want to be fixated on the sparkle of the engagement ring. More than anything, the wedding ring should be given more significance. Instead of a pricey ring, all that she wants is to have something that will make a statement, to make everyone see that her ring represents more than just her being committed but rather make it signify her freedom to stay who she is as a person even if she is going to be tied down to another human-being.

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