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7 Fabulous Fantasy Inspired Magnificent Engagement Ring – WOW!!!

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Some women loves to have a classic traditional or vintage type wedding rings. Other love it to be loud and have some big stones. Some love to have it copied from their favorite Disney character items. Some would want it different and not boring; a ring which shows lots of excitements and not the dull and mysterious one.

Some girls who would like to have a fairytale like or Disney like weddings would probably choose to have an engagement ring that fits a princess theme.

Below are the 7 fantasy inspired rings. Have a look at the 7 rings and choose your ring of interest.

1. Legend Of Zelda

This is the Legend Of Zelda Inspired Emerald Solitaire Engagement Ring. It only cost $369.99.
This beautiful Emerald solitaire Engagement ring inspired by the Legend of Zelda is just so beautiful that a woman will even buy it for her personal collection not just to wait for someone to give it to her for engagement.

2. D10

This is a D10 Engagement Ring in Mixed Metals. It only cost $250.
The ten sided die of the ring is a classic gaming necessity. This ring is perfect for a slightly nerdy but totally awesome engagement ring. Not the typical classic engagement ring we are used to.

3. Green Lantern

This is an Acastus Black and Green Carbon Fiber Inlay Men’s Tungsten Ring with Emerald Setting. It cost only $229.95.
If you are a fan of the amazing and romantic Green Lantern movie, then this wedding ring is just so perfect. It has a very alluring emerald setting that is inspired completely by the super hero Green Lantern.

4. Doctor Who

This is the Doctor Who Inspired Tardis Blue White Gold Princess Cut Diamond and Sapphire Engagement Ring Bridal Set. It only cost $799.99.
For those who love Doctor Who, then this gorgeous engagement ring perfectly fits you. It is a Tardis- inspired wedding band.

5. Batman

This is the Batman Engagement Ring. It only cost $570.
This ring is of course taken from the movie Batman but with a diamond in its bat.

6. Pokemon

This is a Custom Pokemon Master Ball Ring. It only cost $600.
This engagement ring could be a flashback of a childhood memory for kids on 90’s. The stones on the master ball creates a very stunning effect. It doesn’t look like the traditional engagement ring but indeed it will give a delight to a female who loves Pokémon dearly.

7. Wonder Woman

This is a Hand-Crafted Wonder Woman Band With Custom Created Rubies. It only cost $595.
Every female born on 70’s and 80’s would truly like to be Wonder Woman. It is not too late for you to have your dreams come true. This custom made ring with rubies in the shape of a star is such a unique engagement ring. It has a unique ring shape and a unique stone shape. A perfect ring for your wonder woman.

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