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Be a Princess with the Disney Tangled Inspired Engagement Ring

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One of the funniest, most hair-raising tales in Disney which is based on the fairy tale Rapunzel is the filmed loved by so many, the film TANGLED.
If you love the golden hair of tangled movie, surely you will love this tangled movie inspired ring.

The tangled-theme ring was recently released from K.Uno jewelry shop. The ring with its very unique design have its luxurious look. It is as radiant as Rapunzel’s golden hair.

Any woman who could take a glance at the ring would have this feeling of excitement and the urge to get one of those uniquely design detailed ring. Its diamond plus the six other colorful stones creates a magical feeling. One could never go wrong in buying such a very nice magical diamond ring.

As you take a closer look at the ring, it has three magical details that gives it a very marvelous look and a big resemblance to the Disney movie Tangled.
First is the ring’s band that has a unique structure, texture and details that really looks like Rapunzel’s gorgeous golden hair. We could see that the band was created with perfection. The details are done with careful strokes. Second are the stones. The small surrounding stones which consist of two pink sapphires, two treated blue diamonds, and two treated yellow diamonds plus the Diamond in the center that shines brightly. The third detail can be seen in the inside portion of the ring.You can see a hidden but stylish design. It is a motif of the magical golden sunflower. It has a hole in it which lets the light get through the central Diamond. That golden sunflower plays an important part in the fairy tale movie.

Who would not say that this is not for a fairy tale engagement ring? Who would say that no one can be a princess in real life? Any lady could be a princess and have a fairytale life with happily ever after moments.

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