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Better than an Engagement Ring

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The tradition of wearing engagement rings started only about 85 years ago. If this is the case, the tradition is not that old and may not be as valuable to some and wanting one is really just out of a whim. Quirk or not, such ring can cause thousands, even more than the cost of both the wedding rings.

If you do not feel the need to spend too much for a diamond engagement ring that may not be even worn daily, why not have an alternative to an engagement ring that can be treasured for much longer? Here are a few ideas that you can consider having instead:

1. Use the money to create more lasting memories through traveling. Save up for future adventures together and you can start it with what you will supposed to pay for the engagement ring. It does not have to be right after the wedding but future trips that will help strengthen your bond.

2. Have the money to pay for immediate needs like a home. It will be a lot less of a burden if you already have money for a down payment to your dream house. You can also choose to buy a new vehicle instead and have the ring fund for the down payment. Basically, use the money to pay for something big that you both dreamed about, one that you can enjoy for a long time.

3. Pay for home furnishings. If you are able to get a home before your engagement, you can spend the ring money to buy a couch that you both love, kitchen appliance that you actually need, and more things that will make your home a cozier place to be. It will be nice to see things around your home and be reminded of its value, not the prices for each but about the fact that you are enjoying these things together.

4. Be loan free before the wedding. If you both have student loans, or you are planning to get a loan for the wedding, use the engagement ring budget instead. It will be very great to start a new life together when both of you are not in debt. This way you can concentrate on building your dreams without being held back with financial obligations.

5. Invest in hobbies that you both enjoy. Buy musical instruments if you are interested with music, art supplies if you like to do arts and crafts. You can also enroll in a culinary class together. Any activity that will draw you closer together especially before and at the beginning of your marriage is a sure step to lasting union.
Although it has become some sort of a tradition, drawing yourself towards the thought that love is more important could persuade you to spend for more essential things rather than an engagement ring. It will be great to secure a loving future together compared to just securing the affirmation to get married.

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