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Buying Guide for Antique Engagement Rings

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A popular engagement ring is one that has an eye-catching diamond set on either white or yellow gold band.

Engagement Ring

Engagement Ring

While this is a dazzling ring that is most preferred by women, there are also other styles that are equally stunning but are also unique.
Antique jewelry is not that common unlike a solitaire engagement ring but the character behind an instant heirloom is just as delightful. The intricate designs show how much work it took to make each piece of antique jewelry.
An antique ring can be great as an engagement ring but you must know how to shop for the perfect one especially when you are after the best quality ring from a certain period. Authentic antique jewelry can be defined by the following characteristics:

1. Motif. The date of production has a great impact on the overall style of the ring. The lines, patterns, and depicted scenes on crafting it will pinpoint the age. For example, the Georgian period has butterflies, ribbons, scrolls, and flowers on their jewelries. Early Victorian era on the other hand has love knots, clovers, angels, and even snakes on their designs.

2. Gem Cut. Another way to pinpoint the time when the ring was made is by looking at the way the gems were cut. Earliest cuts like the table or square are not that common as they are among the oldest jewelries. A round cut or the rose cut was first seen in the 1500s and the rounded square cut or the old mine cut were popular on rings made in the 1800s through the early 1900s.

3. Gemstones Used. Several gemstones were popular on particular centuries. The Mid- Victorian period, for example, used garnets, emeralds, black onyx, and diamond. The Georgian period has mostly topaz, emerald, and garnet on their rings.

4. Metals Used. The differences in the metal used for ring fabrication would also tell the period by which the jewelry was made. Oftentimes, combinations of different metals are used. For the Late- Victorian period platinum, rolled gold, silver and gold were common. It is during the Georgian era when rings that were made with 83% copper and 17% zinc.

If you are considering having an antique jewelry for your lady, be sure to know how to correctly date it using the above characteristics so you can truly appreciate its value. The unmistakable characteristics of an antique ring would spell differences in its value. Make sure to have only authentic antique piece from reputable antique jewelry shops and other trustworthy sellers.

Despite being a minority, there is a high likelihood of having a huge market for antique jewelry as engagement rings. There are a lot of shops that offer unique pieces that are of high value not only because of their antique characteristics but also because of the intricate designs that are really pretty. No one can deny how great antique jewelry is especially when they were chosen well. An antique engagement ring will capture everyone’s attention just as much as a modern diamond solitaire can.

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