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Can Women Now Buy their Own Engagement Ring?

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An American football player Orlando Scandrick and TV personality Draya Michele after a month of announcing their engagement, it was called off. What could be the reason behind? It was such a short period of being engaged. Rumors said that Draya Michele is the one who purchased the ring and do the planning of their wedding. The rumor suddenly disappeared when Orlando Scandrick confirmed to the public that he really proposed to Draya Michele and he is the one who purchased the engagement ring.

Draya Michele said that she would never buy her own engagement ring.

Buying and giving of engagement ring is traditionally a man’s role. Proposing is also traditionally a man’s role. He is going to buy a stunning diamond ring then gets down on his knee and ask the woman whom she love to marry him. It was already set up as like that.
When a woman buys her own ring, plans her wedding and do the proposal, she is already being judged as desperate woman. When she buys her own ring she is like pushing his man to marry her. Her move of doing such thing is considered as taboo. But it would not be fair if woman cannot do such thing and cannot decide on her own coz she is being judged by others. These judgments do limit and shortchange woman.

Woman have equal rights with men. They are now a career woman. They work now and some have higher positions than men. Gone are the days that woman should stay in the house, take care of husband and kids and will only follow husband’s house rule. Wives today decides together with their husbands. Both couple work together supporting their careers and work together in the house chores and raising the kids and have fair rules towards the house and children.

This gender equality gives every woman to buy her own engagement ring, do the proposal and plan the wedding ceremony without being gossiped.

A wedding was being question of its legitimacy of their relationship. Rumor speculated that the bride bought her ring, planned and paid for the entire wedding and even their honeymoon. She did all the preparations. The groom’s part is only to show up on their wedding day.

When the groom entered the ceremony, he was very emotional. He was literally weeping while the bride’s eye were dry. He was in tears because he adored her bride. It was not a tears of sadness but tears of happiness because he was really in love with the bride and now they are going to get married.

Maybe for other people what she did was wrong, but it was being brave and it was her way of showing her true love to her husband.

Maybe what she did will make others anxious. What if he will turn her down? It would be very painful. Yet that is how brave a woman of new generation is. If the groom will not appear on the wedding day, then so be it, they are not meant to be and life must go on. Man and woman now are equal in everything.

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