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Cancer Patient’s Last Wish – To buy his girlfriend an engagement ring

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Good Samaritan Hospital Center in West Islip’s staffs and nurses gives holistic care to its patient. Patient – nurse relationship mostly in other hospitals are finished after the nurse leaves the room of the patient. But in Good Samaritan Hospital Center in West Islip, it’s a different kind of relationship that creates a bond between a patient and the health care team.

A man with cancer for years had his wish granted through the health care team. A cancer patient, Keith Borum of Lake Ronkonkoma has been battling with Non-Hodgskin’s Lymphoma, a cancer that originates in the lymphatic system in which the disease-fighting network spreads throughout the body. He has been fighting it for the past years.

During conversation with the team, he always mention that he wanted so much to save in order to buy engagement ring to propose to Nina Scott, his girlfriend for three years.

The health team was touched by his wish which led them to a decision to collect funds for an engagement ring and a wedding. They were able to raise $400 which allowed them to purchase wedding rings. The staff bought in homemade treats and local community donated bouquet and a cake for the wedding. With a very simple wedding gown, veil and a beautiful bouquet, Borum and Scott got married on Wednesday in the hospital room, on his hospital bed.

Patient Keith Borum was very happy that his wish was granted. For a man fighting for his life, what the hospital staff did was heroic. That is a genuine love, care and nurture a health care team could give to their patient.

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