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Could Taylor Swift be Wearing an Engagement Ring?

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Proposing to someone is one of the few steps to take before marriage, but it takes a lot of guts and effort to do so.

Calvin Harris, is a successful Scottish singer. He is also a songwriter, record producer, remixer and DJ. Harris is planning to buy an engagement ring worth half a million dollars for the love of his life, Taylor Swift, an American singer-songwriter and actress. Harris calls Swift “the love of his life” and claims that Taylor Swift is the one for him.

Calvin Harris was reportedly seen snooping around jewelry shops. He wants to get the perfect ring for his love interest, Taylor Swift. Harris wants Swift to be the happiest, hence he is choosing an engagement rung worth half million dollars.

Calvin Harris and his Girlfriend Taylor Swift started dating only a few months back; and in these few months they have already created a bond like no other.

Harris, according to sources, will spend most of his hard-earned cash on a 10 carat diamond engagement ring worth half a million dollars. I bet his successful DJ career sure helps with his current decision to buy a diamond ring worth this much.

Taylor Swift loves large rings and she loves the beauty of the diamond ring shining under a light source. Knowing Swift’s love of diamonds, she will surely be mesmerized by the size of the ring that Calvin will give her.

Calvin will be asking Taylor Swift the question when her is ready and when Taylor doesn’t expect it coming. The proposal will be exciting, but nobody knows when it will occur, but when it does occur the wedding will be possibly held in Paris, Italy, or maybe the place where Taylor Swift started her career in; which is Nashville, Tennessee. Taylor began her journey in Nashville as a humble 14 year-old looking for a place in the music industry. She signed her first contract with the independent label Big Machine Records and became the youngest songwriter ever hired by the Sony/ATV Music publishing house.

Calvin is really happy, because he thinks that Taylor really is the one for him and that they will be together for a long time. He says that he is not affected by the publicity that comes with the territory of marriage. Taylor Swift was asked about the whole thing and she said that she was looking forward to this proposal.
Taylor and Calvin’s relationship has been going just for a few months, yet in this brief span of time their bond is stronger than what most couples have. The two have already reached a height of relationship that most couples would not achieve. They are joined at the hip and in their hearts; they are inseparable, because of the strong bond that they have built throughout the months that they have been together.

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