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Engagement Ring Being Stolen Still Turned Out for a YES Answer

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Proposing to someone means getting ready for such event. Getting ready means that you are emotionally ready to propose, engagement ring was already bought, plans on how is already maid and the venue of the proposal is being arranged.

Eric Moon was already prepared in proposing to Heather Stephenson, his girlfriend for more than a year. He thought that the hardest part of the preparation is hiding the ring from her. Unfortunately the ring was found, but not of his girlfriend but of a thief.

On July 1, Moon came out and found the doors of his car open. Several items were missing including his lime green Marmot backpack were he hid the diamond and sapphire engagement ring for his proposal to his girlfriend which he planned to do on July 4.

After searching the area to no avail, he had to call a police. When Heather Stephenson noticed that her boyfriend Eric Moon is panicking too much, Moon don’t have a choice but to tell her what is in the backpack that caused him to panic.

After the police took down the report, Moon proposed to Stephenson even without a ring. And Stephenson said YES.

It may not be the most romantic feeling, but it was still very exciting and still very emotional according to Heather Stephenson. Stephenson put on her grandmother’s ring in her hands in replacement of the lost ring.

Still after his proposal with no engagement ring, Moon never stops searching for the lost engagement ring.

The lost engagement ring has extra sentimental value since it was Stephenson’s mother, a jeweler who designed and made the ring. It could be a ring that was made by the mother for the engagement of her daughter and the daughter will pass it to her future daughter from generation to generation.

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