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Engagement Ring Cams – Check out this technology!

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During engagement proposals, the moment to be cherished is very difficult to capture. Almost everyone was not able to capture a single moment or a video during proposal unless they hire a photographer. However, hiring a photographer decreases the excitement and could have a feeling of someone is invading. The guy may be conscious that someone is watching over him as he proposes plus the feeling of nervousness if it will be accepted or rejected.

Someone created a solution for this problem. Excitement would still be there, privacy is protected and capturing precious moments will definitely happen and it will be captured in every precious second of it.

The camera ring box for a marriage proposal captures the reaction as the moment happens. The engagement ring box cam makes way for the possibility to capture the response and every detail of the engagement proposal. This precious moment of marriage proposal can never be recreated, it will never happen again but now it can be recorded, be viewed again and be shared forever.

Even if you hire someone or you ask a friend to capture you marriage proposal, it is really a big challenge to capture the actual and best moment of it without losing the best portion. It will even be more difficult to capture it if you prefer a proposal that is private or spontaneous. Private or spontaneous proposal is the best and most romantic proposal that a man could do. Scripted proposal or a proposal in which you hire someone to take a video is less romantic and invades your privacy.

The challenge in capturing the moment is now being solved since the engagement ring cam hides directly the camera in the ring box. The moment of raw reaction of the surprise and also the intimate exchange of words shared between the two couple will now be captured without compromising their privacy. It will be a very romantic and will be a perfect moment for two lovers.

This ring box is being offered by the Paris Jewellers. It is the major jeweller in Canada which offers the customer their ring cam option.
The ring cam is very easy to use and very inconspicuous. A small button located at the top of the box activates the camera thus could capture every perfect moment.

The camera is a high definition cam which records high definition footage from a wide angle lens at the vantage point of the engagement ring. It captures full audio of the entire proposal. After the proposal, the couple will return the box to Paris Jewellers for the video to be edited and saved. The couple could now keep it and show it to their friends and family or even to their soon to be kids.

Erin Hazen, the Paris Jeweller’s marketing manager said that they would like to provide their customers exemplary experience as they shop for the perfect engagement ring. They are always thrilled to offer the ring cam to their customers so that they can relive the perfect moments to be cherished for a lifetime.

Paris Jewellers is a Canadian-owned and operated jewellery which is now celebrating their 29 years.

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