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Engagement Ring Costs $400,000 – Wow!

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Engagement rings are precious rings to be given to a special woman and soon to be your wife and a mother of your kids.

Engagement rings are really precious and contains expensive gems. But $400,000 ring is really a BIG thing. In reality, very few can afford this expensive ring. But who are these people who are willing to splurge thousands of cash for an engagement ring? Here are some of the list of few people and their $400,000 ring:

Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga in February announced her engagement to her boyfriend Taylor Kinner. A Heart shape $400,000 6 carat diamond was crafted by fancy jewelry designer Lorraine Schwartz. The dazzling rock features the letters “T” and “S”. The letters were separated by a heart symbol. It means “Taylor loves Stefani”. That T and S designed by Taylor and Lorraine in white diamonds on the band is Stefani’s favorite part.

Brad Pitt’s B-day Rock
On Brad Pitt’s 47th birthday in December 2010, a $400,000 band gift was given to him by his wife Angelina Jolie. The ring had their six children’s name being engraved on it. It also has Angie’s own name and number 47. The band given by Angelina to brad symbolizes not only that Brad is married to Angelina but to their whole family.

Draya Michele’s Engagement Rock
Draya Michelle received a seven carat $400,000 ring from Orlando Scandrick. It was a ring designed by Jason of Beverly Hills.

Nancy Shevell’s Engagement Ring
Nancy Shevell got a $600,000 worth of ring from Sir Paul Mcartney in 2011. It is a rare 5 plus carat diamond art deco ring. It is a ring from Lane’s archival collection. Flawless round and central diamond set in a platinum with strips of black onyx along the sides. It is very romantic, glamorous and elegant. It is a very beautiful ring with a vintage feel.

Charlotte Lucas’s Ill-Fated Engagement Gift
In 2007, Charlotte Lucas received a $400,000 engagement ring from hedge fund billionaire fiancé Robert Agostinelli. But such an expensive engagement ring won’t guarantee a long lasting relationship because they still broke up because of Agostinelli’s alleged infidelities. Agostinelli is trying to get the ring back seven years later. He launched an extra ordinary battle to force her to return the engagement ring he bought her.

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