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Engagement Ring Lies Most Women Know Nothing About

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• Men often lie about engagement details
• What is the most common lie that man make during engagement?

Not all men are honest with the details of their proposal. Few men lie on the woman they love and to his future parents in law. Proposing to someone means you are asking a woman to be with you for the rest of your life. She will be the light of your house, the mother of your children and a wife that will stay by your side thru thick and thin. With all the sacrifices a woman could make for her man, why do some men lie to their fiancé and their in laws to be?

Men do lots of effort to get the woman they love the most, why do they need to lie? Trust in a relationship is very important but starting with a lie seems not good at all.

But we cannot just put the blame to those men who lie. There may be factors that pushed them not to tell the truth. Few questions are also playing inside their mind like what if she finds out? Will my fiancée understand me if she finds out?

Why do these men lie? What is the most common detail that they lie about?

One of three men will lie to their fiancée about the price of the engagement ring to impress her and also to impress her parents.
These men often double the price of the ring they bought.

This was proven by the survey conducted by VoucherCodesPro through thousands of engaged or married men.

It is a shame according to George Charles of VoucherCodesPro that so many men feel the need to lie about their engagement ring cost. The reason he can see is maybe it is a sign of pressure from society.

The monetary value of the ring doesn’t matter at all because if your partner truly loves you, she will not fuss about how much the engagement ring costs. Men should buy an engagement ring that will not exceed their budget.

According to the survey, men lied to impress their future parents in laws and to make their fiancee feel better. These men even managed to keep it as a secret from their partner.

In buying an engagement ring, being able to save a big amount and add it on to your budget for your wedding or budget for your upcoming family is a very important factor. There are lots of places where man can buy at a lower cost but of a good quality ring. The Diamond factory or are online sellers in which buyers can make significant savings compared with a standard jeweller. They can also get far bigger diamond in the above mentioned jewelry store. If you are not so comfortable buying online, you can also make necessary arrangements with them for you to see the ring in person before buying it.

Another option to get a bigger savings is to go to jewellery auction houses which offer second hand rings. Ebay also offers engagement ring for lower costs same with local level and pawn shops.

You see, men need not put so much pressure on themselves when buying an engagement ring. Yes, bigger stones can be more attractive. But If you will have to pay for that ring for the rest of your life, then better revise your plan.

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