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Getting a Divorce Over a Wedding Ring

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No one wanted to grow old alone. All of us needs someone whom we can lean on in times of trouble, sadness and fear. We also need someone to celebrate with during the happy moments in our lives as well as during the moments when we did something great, we succeeded in a mission or in any events that is in need of thanksgiving celebration.

Many men and women are lucky enough to find their partners in a short period of time searching. Some even find their true love without searching at all and it is believed that destiny allows them to see each other. But many ends in being single forever. Maybe they are very picky, maybe they just haven’t found the one person that gives them the spark to be so much in love. Or maybe they really decided not to marry at all and they are just happy and contented of being single.

Some couples get married thinking that it is what they wanted to do and thinking that they found the right person to live forever but ended in annulment, separation or divorce. Others are lucky enough to be wed once and that one person will stay by their side until their last breath.

When a woman is being asked on a date, blood shivers due to excitement. When she is being courted, her world will change. When he became her boyfriend, her world will be just him. And when the time comes that the man will kneel on his knee and open a ring box with a very elegant, sparkling diamond engagement ring, her world will totally stop. She can hear nothing but his voice asking her to marry him. On the day of her wedding, as she walk down the aisle with her dazzling gown and as she wear the wedding ring, she knows deep in her heart that everything in her will be surrendered to him.

Wedding ring serves as a symbol of love of a man and a woman. It is believed that it should be worn forever. But the story of a married man Daniel Ofori is quite different.

For the need to acquire visa and ad air ticket to travel abroad, he convinced his wife to sell their wedding ring in its estimated cost of GHC 3,500.

Daniel wants to go to Canada for an employment opportunity. His wife did not agree to Daniel’s request of selling the wedding ring to finance his travel. Because of his rejected request, Daniel threatened to divorce his wife whom he has been married for three years.

Tension was already felt in their relationship. His anger towards his wife was very intense leading to their marriage break up. He even stated that the mother of his ex-girlfriend is very much willing to provide for the money he needed in order to pursue his trip in going to Canada for an employment opportunity provided that he will come to her daughter.

This is such a sad story. But who are we to judge?

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