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Irish Women and their Engagement Rings

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• Irish women are rapidly changing their tastes for rings.
• Every woman wanted a golden ring, but now the Irish women are starting to like rose gold or yellow gold rings more than they like ordinary 18ct golden rings or platinum rings.

Sophie Collins, a third generation jeweler, started recording the trends of women’s taste in engagement rings for the launch of her new store True Diamonds by Sophie.

In her consultation suite in Dublin, Sophie, an accredited diamond professional, designs engagement rings and rings for special occasions. She says that she noticed the increase of demand in rose and yellow gold and vintage or classical designs.

She says that an influence from a celebrity can affect a client’s taste on the design of his or her ring.

She said that shortly before the millennium, Northern Europe, Ireland, the UK, the USA and Japan have seen an over whelming demand for Platinum and White Gold as an engagement ring band. According to Sophie everything changes, she can see a higher demand in rose gold rings while the demands for platinum and 18ct gold rings stay the way they are.

The old rose gold rings from before is different from our rose gold rings now, the old rose gold rings before had a lot of cooper in them while the ones we have now are much softer in color and the colors complement the light pink color that the Irish people have.

Sophie said “Both rose and yellow gold give a great contrast between the color of the metal and the color of diamonds, making the gems stand out more”.

Celebrities make a big impact on the sales of rings; for example, after Prince William and Kate’s engagement, the demand for sapphire rings skyrocketed because the ring used for the engagement had a sapphire rock on it.

The same thing happened on Ben Affleck’s proposal to Jennifer Lopez where the price of beautiful pink diamonds and princess cut gems skyrocketed after the engagement. Although pink diamonds are expensive and are out of most people’s price ranges, after that remarkable proposal the demand got higher for pink sapphires in particular.

If you are into old things or “antiques” Sophie advises you to not buy antique rings, because antique rings come with durability issues and they usually don’t last long. She said: “As women wear engagement rings every day, there tends to be a lot of wear on them, and with an old setting, you are very likely to lose a gem from it or have it break from wear. It is better to get a new ring which has been made in that style.”

Overall the Irish women of today mostly prefer the new kind of Rose gold or yellow gold rings over 18ct gold rings and platinum rings. They mostly buy rings that are “in” or what their favorite celebrities used to propose to their girlfriend’s or boyfriend’s, but sometimes they buy the rings that they truly want regardless if it is the “in” thing or not.

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