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Kylie Jenner is Now Wearing Her Engagement Ring- But Why Does Caitlyn Jenner Disapproves?

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The 18 year old Kylie Jenner is rumored to be engaged with her 25 year old boyfriend Tyga.

The rumor has been swirling and it seems that Kylie Jenner has been the center of the showbiz issue for months. It was assumed that Kylie was secretly engaged with her very controversial rapper boyfriend. The news was broken on Hollywood life celebrity gossip site. Other media outlets have also picked up on the story. Some even claimed that Kylie Jenner was planning to get married by the time she turned 18 on August 10. This rumor started back in July and still has not stopped especially that the reality star are often seen wearing some mysterious diamond rings on her wedding finger.

Now another news report from Hollywood life says that the two were secretly engaged. They kept this happy news secret from the public but Caitlyn Jenner was not happy to hear the news.

The formerly known as Bruce Jenner, Caitlyn Jenner is a retired American athlete very known for winning the men’s decathlon on Summer Olympics in 1976.

She thinks that Kylie is very young to be in a serious relationship. She still hopes that the whole engagement is just a phase of her life that she is going through and eventually it will just disappear.

Only their close friends and family members knows about the whole engagement details of the couple said an inside source which broke the news to the celebrity news site. The full details of Kylie Jenner’s engagement were with the Hollywood life.

The whole engagement thing is still a rumor as of the moment. It appears that it started over the Labor Day weekend when the teen was spotted wearing a Cartier diamond ring reportedly given by Tyga. The two confirmed their relationship when the “stimulated” new single of the rapper premiered the video showing their kisses and hugs on the balcony.

The teen shared photos on instagram and shared lots of “selfies” with her alleged engagement ring in clearer view of it. Kylie is very determined to have a bigger bling than her big sister Kim Kardashian. Hollywood says that Kylie always compares everything about herself to her bigger sister. She wants an engagement ring that is more spectacular than Kim. She wants the quality and color to be the best so that it could outshine Kim’s.

The sisters adore each other but they really have a sibling rivalry since Kylie wanted to be more famous than her sister Kim. Everything between Kylie and Kim are very similar, we might wonder if Tyra will be able to get Kylie the ring she really wanted or even more.

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