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Kylie Jenner- Talks About Her Insecurities and Her Engagement Ring

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Kylie Jenner, a controversial name in Hollywood, Shows up at Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, California for the 2015 MTV Music Video Awards on August 30, 2015. She, who is a part of the famous real life reality show “Keeping up with the Kardashians”, is not really immune to bullying; in fact she gets bullied often for her presumably “fake” lips. She writes that it is so unacceptable to treat people like this because she herself gets bullied constantly in social media. She says that because of the bullying, she lost a big part of herself; she is tired of all of these trolls, haters, internet bashers, and overall bullies who constantly bombard her with the bad things that they say about her. She usually tries to ignore these cyberbullies and tries to be strong despite all the haters around her.

She posted a photo of Lizzie Velasquez, an American motivational speaker and author who suffers from a rare congenital disease which, among other symptoms, impedes her from accumulating body fat, along with a post about the bullying that she experienced in her life. A few weeks ago she posted a photo of her new and improved Ferrari with its new Matte Grey paintjob and beautiful orange rims. She has also been posting a few photos, or some might say “selfies” of herself with her new blonde hair.

Kylie also posted videos of her and her boyfriend playfully teasing each other in Snapchat. Her sisters, Kim Kardashian, an American television and social media personality, actress, socialite, and model,and Kendall Jenner, an American fashion model and television personality, also got their hair dyed blonde but shortly after got them dyed back to their original colors. Kylie who got her hair blonde decided to keep the hairstyle. Lizzie Velasquez told her that she was enough no matter what; and that she was put on this earth for a reason. When it comes to her lips, people know that this is one of her biggest insecurities in life and that she hates the people who bash her for it.

Her boyfriend, Tyga, an American rapper from Gardena, California, surely loves her a lot. People speculate that this is the reason why Kylie is pressuring her boyfriend to let her Manager take care of his career as well. Tyga gave Kylie an engagement ring and asked her to marry him, because he thinks that it is the right moment for the both of them to finally say their vows and to be wed before their God. Earlier this year Tyga gave Kylie a beautiful white Ferrari, which she had it painted Matte Grey and gave it new rims, that costs $320K for her 18 Birthday. She now regularly sports her Matte Grey Ferrari and drives it all around the city. People speculate that the wedding between Tyga and Kylie will happen within this year and that they will be happy with each other’s company.

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