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Lucky Scots Exchanging Wedding Rings After Winning a £25,000 Dream Wedding

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Joanne Hodge and Brian McNicol jumped right into the competition ran by The Old Course Hotel in St Andrews and they were the lucky couple who won a £25,000 luxury wedding after they create a board game with a social media twist.

The board game that they created was based in their upcoming nuptials.

A friend of them suggested for the couple to join the competition. The 31 year old Joanne Hodge really loves the Game of Life board game. The couple from Dundee used social media and made a video and a wedding box.
Joanne’s inspiration in creating her own game as part of their entry is the Game of Life board game wherein the players navigates the twist and turns of life in the game.
During the competition, challenges are chosen by friends and family on social media. The couple moved around the board wherein they each participated in all the challenges.

One of the challenges of the couple is to dress up as Prince William and Kate and to pose on the iconic Swilcan Bridge, on the Old Course during the British Open.

The couple did the challenge. Complete with waxing and dress fitting, Brian was challenged. He now experienced a wedding from the bride’s point of view.
During the final task given to the couple, Joanne and Brian take part in a “blackening”. They were colour-bombed in Dundee on Magdalen green.
The couple finished the game with style. Their sons, Zack 3 year old and Ethan 1 year old, also raised cash for the kid’s charity worth £700.
The couple could not believe that they had won. It was incredible and Joanne said that at first she could not believe it.

They were very lucky and they triumphed over hundreds of UK couples who joined the competition in order to win a luxury wedding and a honeymoon.
The competition was very fun for the lucky couple. They involved their friends and relatives. Joanne is very much overwhelmed. She said that getting married at the Old Course Hotel next year is not what she expected to happen to them.
They won the competition and they did it with fun. Some of their friends even make them do crazy thing for the challenge.

A wedding for free is a very good gift, but a luxurious wedding in a five star reception, a honeymoon, free bridal gown, free bridesmaid gowns, photography, wedding rings, and flower arrangements are indeed a fabulous blessing for a couple. All of these were acquired while having fun together as a couple including friends and relatives. They were just very lucky to have all of these.

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