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Man Puts Engagement Ring on Dead Girlfriend

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Engagement is one of the most precious moments in people’s lives. It is what every girl awaits for. Everyone pictures it out full of excitement and happy moments with some unexpected reactions. Engagement of two couples who are truly in love with each other always ends up in a wedding and a happy ending.

But this is not the case for a guy named Josh.

Josh Thompson who is about to propose to his girlfriend is now grieving. But how could an engagement be so sad?

Thompson’s girlfriend, Abigail Hall passed away. The tragic passing of her girlfriend did not stop him for giving the engagement ring to her. The 22 year old Josh Thompson who was presently working in Corfu upon hearing the death of her girlfriend flew straight home to ask permission from her parents to put an engagement ring on her finger. He had been planning to propose to her when she finished her first year next summer. His 18 year old girlfriend Abigail collapsed in her flat at Sheffield Hallam University.

He posted on Facebook that He and Abigail Hall are now engaged. Josh claims that Abigail is his life. He also added that words cannot express the love he have for her and that she is the main reason why he wakes up in the morning.

Josh and Abigail are connected so well. They have lots of precious moments together. They enjoy every moment together. Josh said that there is no one else that he would want to share his life with. He calls Abigail panda and josh tells her that he loves her and will always love her for the rest of his life.

They planned to have some various trips together. They planned to go to Paris for New Year, they also planned to go to Dubai together and to Turkey. They have lots of plan to spend their lives happily together.

What Josh did is very touching. He gave an engagement ring to the girl he loves the most even if she is now lifeless.

Facebook peeps was impressed of what he did. According to Nina Andreia, she is completely lost for words. What he did is an example of love and it is so beautiful.

Knowing that there is nothing he can do about the death of his girlfriend, it must be the most heartbreaking thing that a person can go through. His girlfriend would have loved the ring and it really looks beautiful on her delicate finger.

Abigail’s death is not being treated as suspicious confirmed by the South Yorkshire Police.

What happened between the two lovers could be very sad, but we can see that love really exist no matter what no matter when, their love remains.

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