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Marnie Simpson Dumped by Fiancé Ricky Rayment – Engagement Ring Not Seen!

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The couple Ricky Rayment and Marnie Simpson got engaged after a whirlwind relationship but after few weeks of being engaged, the couple broke up.

It is said that Marnie Simpson cheated on Ricky Rayment that is why he dumped her after being engaged.

Marnie Simpson was been spotted out with a male pal. She was pictured out not wearing her engagement ring while going out with a mystery man.
Ricky strongly believes that she cheated on him. Their relationship turned shaky starting then. But according to sources, this is not the only reason why they broke up.

Despite rumors, Marnie insisted that the mystery guy was just a good friend.

Marnie said that she is allowed to have some friends including boys. She said that the media are making up stories to make everything appear bad.
She explained that she left the rings at home in order not to lose it.

Ricky’s friend said that friends warned him when they first saw Marnie and the mystery guy together at London’s DSTRKT nightclub. It was during the National Televisions Award that they went there earlier this year. It happened just hours after she gushed on the red carpet about her new boyfriend Dan Slone.

Marnie and Ricky quickly fell for each other because Ricky believed that she was not in a relationship. After being together, engagement was announced in OK! Magazine.

Ricky proposed to the 22 year old Marnie on the Greek island of Zante in June. She said that she found the one and he already introduced her to his parents and they were together during holidays.

Ricky who was previoulsy in a long term relationship with Jessica Wright, his former co-star said that when you find the right person, it is totally a different feeling. He is really filled with happiness.

Now that the couple are not together anymore, Ricky travelled to Thailand hoping to forget the heartache there. The pair has already unfollowed each other on Twitter. Marnie told the fans that she was very upset. She said that she could not imagine what this day could bring.

Lots of friends and supporters offered their support thinking that Marnie was referring to her current split up with Ricky. However, Marnie’s spokesman told Mirror that she was heartbroken because of what happened with her dog and not because of the issue they are into with Ricky.
Ricky has not mentioned in twitter what is going on with their relationship.

During the event at Shoosh nightclub Brighton on Saturday, Ricky appeared without her even if they appeared on promo posters together.

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