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Men’s 12 Worst Marriage Proposal – Never Mind the Engagement Ring

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Marriage proposal is a very big deal for both partners. It is men’s way of asking the hand of a woman whom he would like to spend the rest of his live with. It is a pre-commitment for a lifetime commitment of saying “I Do” and “till death do us part”.

According to a survey, about one fifth of women were disappointed on the way their boyfriend proposed to them. Those women did not say anything but hopes that they had.

In planning a wedding proposal, there are a lot of things that guys should consider. Man should know what their woman wants. Perhaps a fairy tale proposal. Some woman would like their man to be on bended knees. Others would like to have it in a very special organized proposal. Some traditional woman would like their man to ask their parents first. And many other things that every man should take note in proposing.

Man should also never ever forget that the final piece of an engagement is the engagement ring. According to survey, 30% of the woman said that the engagement ring really matters because it is the symbol of their engagement.

The one fifth of the unhappy woman with regards to their man’s proposal may have experienced the worst proposal a man can do.

Here are some 12 proposal that a man should not try to do to their woman:

1. Skywriting
This is a very expensive way of proposing yet the sincerity will not be seen at all. The man’s expenses doing this kind of proposal could be spent already on having a big wedding. The letters can easily fade away thus the excitement will. It’s kind of embarrassing that many can see it. I

2. Proposing while drunk
No person who is under the influence of an alcohol is in his right state at all. Never ever propose to your girlfriend when you are drunk. She might think of it as you are just having a good time, or you might end up receiving NO as an answer just because of your slurred speech and stinky breath. No drunk person looks good at all. And no drunk person is romantic at all, in fact most of them are annoying.

3. With a flash mob
In doing a flash mob, one has to have a tremendous effort. Yes, those effort might be appreciated and would have big points on you part but not all woman wants it. You might even scare your partner and she might end up running away. Flash mob may be cool few years ago, but now it is not already part of the trend. It is already outdated and cliché. And a man can end up being humiliated in front of all the people who are part of it if the woman is not yet ready to be engaged.

4. In public

Public proposal is never the sweetest proposal at all. The man is just trying to show off and showing off is the worst thing he does to her lady. Public places such as restaurants with lots of people around, or the mall or on a stage during some event or some performance is not a good way of proposing. The lady might say Yes but her reactions, her feeling and emotions will be in a limited way of expressing it because of the people around her.

5. With a professional photographer in tow

Having a captured moment during proposal is great for a remembrance. But it is so scripted and momentum is lost when someone is with you waiting for the moment of YES and capture a picture or NO and still get paid.

6. On the big screen at a sporting event

On a big screen would end up into a biggest or the worst embarrassing moment of your life if your lady will say NO to your proposal. Every single person in that place or even those who are watching at the television would know that you have been dumped. You would not like to experience such a bad moment.

7. On social media

Not romantic at all. No feelings could be taken up by this kind of proposal. NO is the immediate answer if someone proposes in a txt messages or on Twitter and Facebook.

8. On Valentine’s Day

Being together on a Valentine’s Day sounds very common. Proposing on Valentine’s Day is a very corny way of proposing. Many people becomes engaged on that day, it will be very much appreciated by your girl if you will be unique from others and not just go with the flow.

9. any other holiday

Proposing on Holidays is like you taking away the real moment of that day. People are supposed to celebrate other occasions on that day, doing it on some other day might have a very special effect that can truly be appreciated.

10. Hiding the ring in food or a drink

Hiding your engagement ring inside the cake or on her drinks might end up your lady swallowing such precious jewelry. Aside from the fact that removing the ring from your girl’s mouth could be so gross, women’s table manner and posture will be affected in a way that it could also disturb her.

11. Your birthday (or her birthday)

Birthdays are special occasion already, try not to steal it from the celebrant. Just like the reasons for holiday, let that day be it. Create another day that you could make special.

12. Without a ring
The ring is the most important thing to be prepared during engagement ring. It may be old fashioned and traditional but it is what every woman longed for. Diamond are woman’s best friend and it is a said that diamond is forever and so is your marriage.

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