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Perfect Style of Engagement Ring that Would Match the Person’s Personality

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When choosing an engagement ring, it is not just about the price, the beauty of it or the carat. It about a ring that matches one’s personality.

How do you choose the right ring to get?
First consider the several choices of ring styles.
If a classic, traditional yet elegant look is desired, then choose the solitaire type of engagement ring.
HALO: If the choice is more vintage yet has a very delicate but unique style, Halo is the ring of choice.

If the woman you love has a fun loving personality and likes some bling. Three stone is a perfect choice of a ring with some bling. It has a center diamond and has some smaller stones on the sides. This ring gives you more sparkling shine.

Another type of ring gets more setting sparkles. A center classic diamond with some smaller stones gives off a more romantic yet classic look.

Pave style has a very delicate setting. It has a sophisticated look and is really elegant. It’s a perfect choice if elegance is more important to you.

So much of the diamond styles, let now go and learn to look at its shapes.

Emerald cut is the most popular choice. It’s the fashion trend of a diamond.

If the choice is the sparkle and brilliance of the diamond, round shape is the perfect answer.

This ring shape is a perfect shape. The edges gives a softer appearance because the edges are rounded. It has a look of a romantic effect.

This is a classic style ring. It is a traditional shape with four point corners. This looks fabulous especially of it will be created with some twist in styles.

Marquise cut makes the carat weight of the ring larger than life. It maximizes its appearance.

Pear shape is like of a tear drop shape.

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