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Picking the Perfect Engagement Ring

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A man who abides by tradition will typically ask his lady love to marry him. For a woman who is too precious to settle for mere promises, an engagement is a great affirmation of his man’s love.

Engagement Ring

Engagement Ring

Because of the symbolism behind an engagement ring, a man is pressured to choose well so that the perfect ring is picked out. Good thing there are guides in choosing the best engagement ring and here’s a list of the top tips:

1. Always start with setting a budget. Do not be bothered by what they call as the “3- month rule” where you have to set aside three months’ worth of salary for the ring. Have a budget that would fit comfortably on your salary bracket or with your wedding fund, if you have one. This can help you assess future spending should the engagement push through for an imminent wedding.

2. Stick to your budget. It can be pretty confusing to get inside a jewelry shop and be swarmed with all the choices for diamond rings. The different sizes, prices, and cuts will give you a headache just by staring at their glittering states. Narrow the choices to rings that would fit your budget and this would cut down the number of rings as well as help you avoid going over the budget.

3. Research about diamonds. You probably heard about the 4 Cs in choosing diamonds. Having a background about a diamond’s Cut, Clarity, Color, and Carat will give you power over the store’s sweet- talking salesman. A few clicks on the internet can take you to simple guides on choosing a diamond so give yourself time to learn before barging in to a shop.

4. Consider checking out online stores. Jewelry shops oftentimes double the cost of a ring to cover for the overhead costs in obtaining and storing it. Online retailers, on the other hand, can offer up to 40% lower on the price. Quality is not an issue because there are plenty of reputable online shops out there. In fact, a fraction of the total number of engagement rings sold each year is from online purchases.

5. A half- carat counts. The price difference is based on the carat most of the time. Notice that there are rings that have only .95 carat. Instead of having a 1 carat diamond, a .95 one can cost a lot less but the size difference is almost unnoticeable. A significant amount of money is saved yet the value on beauty is not compromised.

6. Look for certified diamonds. If you value the symbolism of engagement rings, it is a must to be certain on its quality. Look for a grading certification from an independent grading agency instead of immediately trusting what the man behind the counter says.

Your choice for an engagement ring can either make or break, not only your engagement, but also your ladylove’s expectations. Do not rush over the important steps in choosing so you can have the perfect ring in her hand.

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