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Precious Heirloom Diamond Ring Stolen Before Bride’s Wedding Day

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Every wedding should be very exciting. Brides will focus in the preparation not just for the wedding itself and reception but also for her looks that she should be well rested to look very fresh and gorgeous on her big day. But this is not what is currently happening to our bride to be Rachel Tepper.

Rachel Tepper of New York was just married this weekend, yet the fulfillment of being a married woman was not complete because part of her was not with her on her wedding day. Everyone was there for her wedding except their very precious family heirloom jewelries. The jewelries were stolen by the thieves. They broke in and stole a pair of stud diamond earrings of her mother given by her father and a diamond and gold bracelet her father gave her.

Those stolen items are all irreplaceable heirloom that Rachel Tepper dearly loved. They all have monetary value. Not only is the monetary value important but the sentimental value of the jewelry is priceless. The idea of wearing those jewelries on her wedding day represents the most important people to her including those who are not anymore with them to celebrate with her. Tepper told Refinary 29 that she would also consider wearing her maternal grandmother’s diamond ring and gold cocktail ring which is her most prized possession.

The ring of her grandmother was being described by Tepper as flashy but it was worn by her grandmother every day. The loss of it was really very hard on her. Her grandmother passed away before she turned 7 year old. Her mother passed it on to her just 2 years ago. She just stopped wearing it when she got engaged because she started to wear her engagement ring instead. She always wears it on her middle finger.

Tepper said the thieves who stole her precious heirlooms got into her building by using crowbar to bust and open her door. Along with the heirlooms being taken are computers, cameras and money. Though it was already taken away from her but she still hopes to recover them.

She said that this could happen to anyone so she suggests of having a bolt which is not very much displayed or seen and also make sure that everyone should have renter’s insurance and that every valuables should be appraised so that they will be properly and fully covered by the insurance. She also said that a better deadbolt on their door should be used and a more trustworthy lock.

Her apartment doesn’t have deadbolt but their neighbors have their deadbolt engaged yet the thieves managed to broke right through it.

They felt so unsafe after what happened. They had installed a super secure deadbolt but the landlord refused to pay for it and wants to charge the renters for putting a hole in her door. Tepper says that knowing everything, she should have insisted to have her place deadbolt by the landlord before she moved in or just refuse to rent from a person who disregards her safety.

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