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Problems and Solutions in Engagement Ring Purchase

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Proposing was never an easy thing to do for a guy. It could be the most difficult stage of their lives. They could be accepted or rejected. What might happened next could make or break him.

The outcome of his wedding proposal could cause him happiness or depression. Even the preparation will never be easy at all.

The first thing to think about and prepare when proposing is of course the engagement ring. Diamond is every woman’s dream bling. Woman knows how to choose the best stone but never had I heard of a man who knows about the 4Cs of diamonds except of course for jewelers. A man should choose the perfect rock for her woman but the question is, does he have any idea what the perfect rock is?
Man would really have difficulties in choosing an engagement ring, even the designs could stress them out.

Here are some problems man might encounter prior to proposing to their woman:

Problem: The girl should have no idea that engagement ring shopping is going to happen
Solution: Some woman prefers to be surprised but others may want to choose their own ring size and style. Know your woman first, if you try to dig her and know what she wants without noticing then that is just a good move. But if your woman tends to have her preferred stone, better bring her with you in choosing and better prepare your wallet for it. It would be better to bring her and she gets what she really wanted than surprise her and she will not be impressed at all.

Problem: Every guy needs to know the exact ring size of their girlfriend.
Every guy that do not have any knowledge of the ring size of their girlfriend would really panic on how to buy the ring and how to get her size without her knowing. This could be very difficult and could create sleepless nights for him.
Solution: Finding the right ring size for a woman is really not difficult at all. There is no need for you to ask her or sneak in her jewelry box just to know her finger size. Jewelers have their own means of getting a ladies’ finger size and it is 90 % right. They will just get the height and weight of the lady and that’s it! It is never really that big deal at all as long as it is not the eternity ring where in diamonds go around the entire band, the ring could be adjusted anytime.

Problem: The guy should expect to spend more than he planned.
Solution: When planning of something, every man should have a budget. It should be prepared well, if you are able to purchase something that is cheaper than the budget you set, then good for you, you will have extra bills in your wallet for the next step, but if it exceeds, at least you already anticipated it and everything will still go smoothly.

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