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Rachel Truehart’s Stunning Engagement Ring

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Rachel Truehart of season 16 of The Bachelor and season 3 of The Bachelor Pad is going to march the aisle soon. Rachel who had so many issues before to deal with during The Bachelor and the bachelor pad 3 regarding her break up with Mike Stagliano and also the shocking season finale, is now going to enter a new episode of her life. And this time, it is going to be a happily ever after finale. She is really a great woman, and she deserves to be very special.

Spotted on her is a very stunning engagement ring. Truehart shared exclusively with E! News how exactly the proposal happened. She said, her boyfriend proposed on the Great Lawn in Central Park. A picnic cloth with burlap picnic basket beautifully set up with flowers and champagne. And beside it is a black board with his writings “Will you marry me?”

It was so funny that she didn’t even know that the celebration is for her. She even told her boyfriend that they must leave because someone’s getting engaged. Upon knowing that it was for her, she was really surprised. It took a while before everything sinks in to her. July 4 is a very special holiday for her. And now it is the most important, the most special, and the best day for her.

She met her boyfriend but now her fiancé 3 years ago. It is truly the man who will make her happy forever. After the proposal, Rachel Truehart posted a photo with her diamond ring and adds hashtag, #IMENGAGED!!!!!

The date of their wedding was not yet planned because of their very busy schedules. But she really wanted to plan it right away. She wants to start to roll the ball and get into the biggest and most special day of her life.

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