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Reward for a Lost Late Husband’s Wedding Ring

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A business woman and a resident of Kerrville, Andree Hayes offers reward for whoever can see and return her late husband’s wedding ring.

It was lost just before his death. The wedding ring is very precious to her. She really wants it back because of its sentimental value.

The ring was lost about 18 months ago, the wedding ring was made by a local jewelry store Mr. Brehmer when they got married August 19, 1972. It is a 43 years old precious wedding ring.

The wedding band is about ½ inch wide gold with a raised cross. It has an engraved large scripts of their initials “A” and “H” on each side of the cross. The date of their wedding and a dedication is also engraved in the ring.

His husband showed the wedding to her because it was loose in his finger but they didn’t immediately do anything to fix it and he continued to wear it. Few days after he showed it to her, it got lost. After realizing that the wedding ring was lost, the couple immediately searched the places they have been but still they haven’t found the ring.

Andree Hayes offered her husband to get a new on, but her husband refused. She never stopped looking for it. She even checked with the local pawnshops.

They still haven’t found the wedding ring until her husband died in a car accident. Her late husband designated his three rings to their three sons, but now one can’t have a ring because it was the missing band. Though she planned to get another ring for her son, it is not the same. The sentimental value of the ring was the most important thought of them passing it from generation to generation.

Andree Hayes was so disappointed of what happened. If only she had fixed the ring immediately, it would not be lost.

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