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Sapphire Engagement Ring – Why is it in?

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The most common ring to be given for an engagement ring is a diamond. Now another stone gets in with the trend of engagement bling. Such a trending gorgeous gem is the sapphire. Sapphires are very beautiful with their deep blue color with aesthetic appeal. The sapphire gem are gaining more and more popularity because the gorgeous gem can be worn on a regular basis. It is a very valuable gemstone yet not as expensive as diamonds. Sapphires aside from color blue is also available in different attractive colors such as purple.

Below are the reasons why sapphire engagement ring should be chosen among others:

1. History of Sapphire – all through the time, sapphire has been considered to provide a powerful protection against burns, inflammation, cancer and any other evil thoughts. The gem itself also provides happiness, wisdom, faith and truth for those who are going to wear it. It is also believed that it assist in hearing.

2. Tradition Of Sapphire – sapphires are being used by King Solomon way back in history. Prince Charles also presented Lady Diana with brilliant cluster. As a mark of their ranks, Popes recommend their Bishops to wear sapphire.

3. Color Of Sapphire – Sapphires have plenty of colors to choose from. The most common color of sapphire that people choose is blue but there are other colors to choose from like orange, purple, pink, green, orange and pink hues.

4. Sapphire Hardness – sapphire is the second hardest on the Mohs scale after diamond. Because of the sapphire’s scratch, robust and resistance properties, you will be very confident to wear it every day.

5. The Birthstone Sapphire – for the people with zodiac sign of cancer, they can wear sapphire also as engagement ring and get an additional protection for it.

6. Beauty and Sturdiness – People can choose sapphires over diamonds and any other gemstones for their long lasting sturdiness and beauty. Sapphire do not lose their beauty easily, it is also sturdy and strong and can be worn regularly for years.

Today, variety of sapphire engagement rings are available online and any jewelry store. Before purchasing, it is a must that the quality of gem and its authenticity should be checked. In everything that will be purchased, it should be worth the price.

Anyone can now give the woman of their life whom they love the most beautiful and sturdy ring that would not cost them too much. It is a very valuable item that you could purchase at a lower cost. Its beauty will also last for a lifetime. You can even choose different colors of the stones. If the girl of your dream loves blue, then sapphire blue will be the best choice. If her favorite color is pink or purple, then choose a perfect sapphire stone for her. It is the perfect stone for a woman’s bling which won’t cost a man his fortune.

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