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Seriously? £100 engagement ring for Lydia Bright

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Celebrities nowadays are showy of their bling. The more expensive it is, and the bigger the stone, the more they would be proud to show it into the public. But one TV personality seems not to care at all with diamond engagement rings.

The TV personality Lydia Bright and the TOWIE star James Argent seems to be very good with each other. Lydia is not the type of woman who loves to have a very expensive big bling. She would prefer to have a big wedding than a big bling.

Lydia Bright said that James “Arg” Argent need not to bother to save for an engagement ring for her. A £100 engagement ring would really make her very happy. Known of having an expensive tast, it is just so hard to believe that Lydia Bright is not being a fan of an expensive bling.

Lydia, a TV personality and the owner of vintage boutique Bella Sorella prefers to have a lavish wedding than having a big bling. She said that after watching Blood Diamond movie of Leonardo DiCaprio, she lost interest on diamonds.

The 25 year old, in an interview with Now magazine, talked about why she lost interest in diamonds after watching the movie.

She was asked if she is hoping to have an enormous diamond ring like what Kim Kardashian have and be proud of, Lydia answered that she is really not interested in receiving a £30,000 worth of engagement ring.

The couple may have already discussed some marriage plans together when Lydia revealed that she is expecting her boyfriend to serenade her at some point on their wedding. She said that Arg is an amazing singer, she expects him to show his vocal skills during their nuptials. And she is really quite very sure about it.

Lydia also revealed that they are planning to buy a house together maybe next year. At the moment the two are leaving together at Lydia’s house. It has two bedrooms and she converted the other bedroom into a walk in dressing room. She said that there is not space for his wardrobe because she has six wardrobes and a shoe wall.

Arg parents are living just five minutes away from her place so Arg can just run back and bring a bag of clothes for a day.

From how the conversation with Lydia went, it seems that the two are already having a big plan for their. Wedding of course is included in it but the engagement ring seems to have a very small space in the couple’s priority. It is really very interesting and Lydia is one of a kind. Woman seems to be very interested in diamond rings, for most women, the bigger the stone, the better. But for Lydia, it doesn’t matter at all. She may love expensive things, shoes and wardrobe but having an expensive diamond ring with a huge stone is not included in her list.

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