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Shopping for an Engagement Ring on a Tight Budget

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Before stressing out on the wedding preparation, men are put to the challenge of not stressing over the engagement ring.
Engagement Ring
Typically, a lot would say that the cost of an engagement should be around two months’ worth of salary. But this is definitely not the case. An engagement ring, can be simple, less expensive, but still look pretty.

Here are some methods on shopping for an engagement ring wisely:

1. Have a budget in mind and never go beyond it. More expensive rings will have the bigger stones, and may even look much nicer. But why dwell over them when you know you can’t afford it? Have the jeweler take out only those rings that are within your budget so you will not end up comparing rings from way above your price range. This tip will keep you away from being tempted to go overboard.

2. Great quality engagement rings do not necessarily come from a fancy, big- named store. Remember that a trusted jeweler need not to be in an elegant building, a simple store that can offer a range of engagement rings that fit right into your budget shouldn’t be a problem. Ask around for recommendations. You may even have a jeweler who can customize a set so that the wedding rings could match with the engagement ring design too.

3. Be calm in shopping for the ring. Most engagement rings are bought on emotion where men are drawn instantly to a ring thinking that it is what their women want. Unfortunately, many shops do not accept returns so it may be too late when they find out that there’s a better ring at a much cheaper price. So never rush and give it at least a month or two to have more time to browse before finally deciding on something.

4. Time your shopping away from the holidays. Engagement ring prices usually go high up during Christmas. It wouldn’t hurt to put off your purchase once the season is through and the prices will drop significantly lower.

5. Consider having a non- traditional engagement ring. Colored stones, moissanite, and birth stone engagement rings are becoming a trend and they are pretty cheaper than real diamonds. They may also look more fab compared to a tiny diamond that you will end up with if you will insist on having a traditional ring within your budget.
While putting a high monetary value on an engagement ring is impractical, it does not mean that you can’t have something that will look nice. Your girl deserves the best but not necessarily the most expensive ring on display. She will appreciate it more if she is aware that you are just being practical so you can both be financially prepared in the future. If she values your sincerity more than the price of the ring on her finger, then the sparkle in her eyes will be a million times worth than any diamond.

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