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The Newest Trend in Engagement Rings

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What could be the latest trend on engagement ring? Are big sparkles of Victoria Beckham not “in” in this year’s engagement ring trend?

Jason Crystal gave Bethany Marzewki a very gorgeous .82 carat diamond flanked with six purple sapphires with a cut of tulips and daisies along the outside of the platinum sketched by a 31 year old sound designer, Crystal. A nod of approval for their beloved cat pet Caprica, the inside of the ring was a cat’s face. The six blue sapphire symbolizes Northwestern, the couple’s alma mater where they met. They are both members of the band of the said school. She was shocked when her boyfriend of four years dropped to one knee last summer in the South of France and gave her the engagement ring.

Marzewski said that she did not want an off the shell engagement ring. It was an unusual ring designed by Fitzgerald Jewelry in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Many women loves to have the traditional diamond solitaire. Marzewski is not alone at all.

The world’s biggest diamond producer, De Beers was forced to cut prices amid its sharp decline in sales. The cut was reduced to as much as 9 per cent according to Bloomberg.

In 2015, 2 per cent fewer couples wanted a clear diamond solitaire ring than in 2013 according to the Knot director of wedding site, Anja Winikka.

What is trending at the moment are colored stones, filigree and a ring with plenty of interesting textures and detailing. Winikka is also into trend for wearing a yellow sapphire engagement ring. Kate Middleton is also into the trend for having an interesting colored engagement ring.

Sapphire is very popular today specifically blue, yellow and orange sapphire. Pink morganite is also one of the most popular gemstone.

Among the celebrities who have an interesting engagement ring were Scarlet Johansson who has an antique Art Deco ring and Jennifer Aniston who has a gold and diamond band.

Several couples now are into something new and exciting ring. Instead of the traditional engagement ring with big rocks, most couples choose customized rings. They chose rings in which they can do their own styles and express their own taste.

Brian Riolo gave her now wife Lori Kadezabek an 18 karat white gold band with an .04 carat diamond encased in a white sapphire dome. He designed it himself and her wife loves the thought the he gave her something unique and not the typical traditional ring.

Social media is also a big influence on the trending engagement ring. It plays a big role because people pose ring selfies a lot and others may appreciate what they have and get the idea from them.

This idea and trend of an engagement ring can develop people’s creativity and gives excitement in every creation they make. It enhances the creator’s imagination to create something that suites their client’s personality. It gives real meaning and shows different characters. Using sapphire stone instead of the traditional diamond rock is also less expensive yet offers the same elegance.

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