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Wedding Rings Burned on Wedding Day- I can’t believe this could happen!

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Wedding day should be a happy and memorable day but for the couple Andrew Taylor and Dayleen Marrero, their wedding day will be very memorable not because of the extreme happiness but because their house got burned on the same day.

As Dayleen Marrero prepared for her wedding on Friday afternoon, her fiancé Andrew Taylor called. She was expecting that he called to say “I love you” but instead, she heard sirens. He told her that smoke is coming out of their apartment building in Chicago at 128 N. Campbell Avenue.

The 27 years old Dayleen Marrero started to freak out at the hotel where she stayed. Andrew Taylor informed other 20 tenants on the second floor of their West Side apartment building. He then escaped just bringing with him their pit bull mix and his tuxedo. Everything was left inside their apartment including their wedding rings.
Their groomsmen also lives in the apartment. Two of them lost a dog and a cat because they were not home during the fire.

Most of the tenants who lived in the apartment are artist. Their groomsmen lost designer costumes and other equipment for their circus performances. The bride Dayleen Marrero is an aerial acrobat and she lost the silks and costumes she uses while Andrew Taylor lost paintings and other instruments.
Irreplaceable items such as photos, journals and other momentum were also lost during the fire.

Despite what happened, their wedding was still pushed through. Her wedding was the perfect wedding she dreamed of. It was an evening wedding and the venue was decorated with black and gold which resembles the old Hollywood theme. The wedding was witnessed by nearly 100 guests. The groom borrowed his uncle’s ring for him and the bride used her engagement ring during the ceremony. One of the groomsmen lost his tuxedo on the fire but were able to borrow from friends.

During the wedding as Dayleen Marrero walked down the aisle, the groom to be immediately shifted into a wedding mode but the bride could not focus. She only focus during the vows and the flash mob, but in the entire wedding party she escapes to cry. It was her saddest moment in her whole life for losing everything yet it was her happiest for marrying the man of her dreams, Andrew. It was a mixed emotion. It was a total roller coaster ride.

Despite the tragedy the wedding turned out a success. The ceremony was officiated by Dayleen Marrero’s brother. During the reception, the guest were really having fun. They broke out into a flash mob dance.

It was the perfect wedding that the couple dreamt of but it also happened on the day they lost their home.

After their wedding the newlywed couple agreed numbness hit. They tried to laugh about what happened because everything is so messed up. They even had an unofficial honeymoon on a friend’s pull out couch.

But lucky for them that they have lots of friends and family who supported them. Their friends and family bought them clothes to wear, toiletries etc. and a friend also started a GoFundMe page. The couples are waiting for the time in which they are allowed to enter the building to salvage what they can and they really hope to find their wedding ring.

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