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What Happened to the Engagement Ring of Gloria Sarfo – No One Saw This Coming!

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Engagement ends up in a happily every after promises during weddings. But sometimes it doesn’t go that way always. Others end up in split up prior to getting married for some reasons.

Gloria Sarfo, an actress was engaged to Justice. The proposal happened two years ago at Kumawoof and Akoben Awards which was held in the Asanti Regional Capital, kumasi. Justice promised Gloria marriage and even gave her a promise ring in public function in front of the media. But just recently, Gloria was seen no longer wearing the engagement ring. According to News-one, Justice has taken back the ring from Gloria Sarfo though the two are still dating as of the moment.

New- one was informed by a reliable source that Justice had a child with another woman and took back his promise ring from her.

Soon after their engagement, Justice impregnated someone in the States. They are all in the States now and even have a baby but Gloria just ignored it and she is aware of it. The source explained that Gloria is ignoring it thinking that she will get him back if she becomes pregnant. Regarding the engagement ring, Justice took it from her because of Gloria’s friendship with other men. Justice did not marry Gloria or the other lady to whom he has a child, but he is still with both women.

This information came out months after the actress was being asked by the media where the engagement ring was and why is she not wearing it.

Gloria just responded that it is her ring; she has all the right when to put it on and take it off from her finger.

She was wearing the ring for a couple of times but recently she was no longer seen wearing it.

Gloria informed the Hitz Fm that after Justice’s proposed to her, people started talking too much. The couple thought that it would be wise and proper to keep it low and not put everything in public again. That is the time she took off the ring.

At the moment, the actress did not reply on recent messages sent to them regarding the latest information about her relationship with Justice. Pictures of her together with Francis Frimpong Manso, a german –based Tv personality has been often displayed by Gloria.

Could this Tv personality whom she kept on displaying picture with her is one of the reason why Justice took back the engagement ring from her? Well, let’s just wait and see.

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