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Woman Wore Somebody Else’s Wedding Ring for 8 Years – Unbelievable!

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An Irish woman was shocked to find out that she was wearing somebody else’s wedding ring for 8 long years!

Marianne Cowly, 50 years of age form Sallins recently discovered that the wedding ring that she was wearing does not belong to her. How did this happen? The wedding ring mix up was discovered when Marianne was invited to attend a weekend getaway with the girls. Since she does not want the trip to clash with her wedding anniversary, Marianne asked her friend to read the inscription on her wedding ring. She asked her friend if the ring was dated July 13 or 17. But to her surprise, she discovered that the inscription in her ring says “September 1993 PAT”.

Marianne was so upset thinking that she had lost her wedding ring. And she thought that she will not be able to get it back. Marianne had no idea whether PAT was an abbreviation or a person’s name. She considered that the ring could possibly be her brother-in-law’s, considering that the name of his brother-in-law is Pat. But then she realised that PAT did not marry in 1993. She even asked a jeweller if it is possible that the inscription has worn out, revealing an engraved name of the previous owner.

Marianne was so devastated, butshe wanted to have her ring really bad that she posted an appeal on Facebook. Surprisingly, Marianne received a phone call the following day from a friend named Evelyn Murphy.

Evelyn’s ex husband was named PAT. Evelyn and Pat separated three years ago and she had kept her wedding ring locked in a safe. But upon hearing of Marianne’s appeal, Evelyn literally jumped off her bed and checked her wedding ring. And low and behold, she found out that she was keeping Marianne’s wedding ring all this time.

The two women met each other and chatted over coffee, trying to decipher how it all happened. After a while they realised that the switch took place when they attended an event eight years ago. They recalled that they admired each other’s ring because it looks very identical. It is even ordered from the same jewellery shop from different location.

The wedding ring switch could really be mind blowing. But at least it still had a happy ending.

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